Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I figured as it's been a month and some change since I finished the most recent issue of Dino Rock, I'd give a little update on what I've been working on since.

As a change of pace and a way to have a personal project tie more closely with the work that I do at my job (because I have learned that you can never learn too much about After Effects) I've been prepping a short little film. While I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of the thing as I'm still in full preproduction mode, I figured I'd just give a baby hoot of an update. I've been playing with some test footage I shot over the weekend and hopefully if The Unpaid Intern and myself can pull this project off, it will go down as The Greatest Cinematic Triumph Ever Made. So no pressure! Regular comic booking will resume once this project's completed, but rest assured, this short will have all the hallmarks of Dirty Dino Rock (explosions, corpse desecration, THE HUMAN CONDITION)
Stay tuned for more updates!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recent doings...

Here's a few things I've been making recently:

The lovely ladies over at Ten Thousand Villages in Carytown asked me to design another event flyer for them which I was all too happy to oblige. Their Village Gallery is going to be a showcase of all the unique one-off items that they've collected over the year and every item is up for sale!

and changing gears considerably...this coming weekend is the big BC Brew Crew weekend and kicking things off is a karaoke fundraiser on Friday for the Richmond SPCA. Knowing these guys it will be quite the fundraiser if last year's is anything to go by. If you like cats, dogs and/or drinking consider attending; if you hate all three, stay far far away.

I also saw the debut of my first ever t shirt design! Tony and the guys from Ratmeat wanted a spoof of the famous Iron Man 'Demon in a Bottle' cover but more...Richmond. The shirts came out looking great and the band packed Empire for a show that I could only manage to take the blurriest photos of...so enjoy.