Monday, April 23, 2012


Welp, I'm less than an hour from heading to the airport with the family but I figured an update on two events happening while I'm out of the good ol' River City was warranted.

First off on April 30th at Ghostprint Gallery there's going to be a big art auction to help raise money for Kerry Talbott, a teacher in the Communication Arts department at VCU. He's had some really serious health problems in the past year and Patrick Godfrey from Velocity Comics has organized this event to help cover his medical bills. Kerry was my teacher for sequential imaging and a completely badass artist (seriously for a pretty soft spoken guy, when he brought in pages of a comic he was working on that entailed a zombified Jesus Christ wreaking havoc, the lapsed Catholic in me was both amazed and terrified of secondhand blasphemy) and I was really grateful to be able contribute to the show. If you're reading this and you haven't heard about it yet, you should totally go! There's going to be a ton of artists contributing (I'm really hoping nobody picks up all of James Callahan's work so I can snag it for myself when I get back)

I didn't manage to get an overall photo before handing it over to Patrick, but here's a couple pics of what it...sort of...looks like....

Also occurring whilst I am away is that on April 28th, the Ten Thousand Villages in Carytown is having their annual spring fashion show. I created a poster, smaller handouts, and set up a layout for the program that incorporated all of the different fabrics that are new to the store this season. These clothes are crazy because all of the patterns are hand block printed so if you look closely you can see all the variations in the patterns. Plus, you know, free trade and all it's ethical too! I'm on my laptop right now and will put the full poster up when I get back to RVA but for now I'll just put up what the program cover looks like as it's similar to the layout of the full sized poster.

 Okay, i really need to go and pack...

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I recently did a flyer and a patch design for Bitch City and a flyer for Riot Squad's April Fools Show.

Dirty Dino 5: Live and Let Dinosaur

Thanks to all the stores/coffeeshops that let me leave issues (Strange Matter, Velocity, Crossroads, Globehoppers, Plant Zero, Lift, Black Hand, Chop Suey) and to mah boo Aaron Mitchell for folding assistance.