Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dirty Dino Rock III: DINOS IN TIME

the only ornament you'll ever need

Another month and another new Dino Rock! I decided to devote this issue to the story of a single character, a man whose tale could not be contained by a mere one or two page spread, a man who would be legend...or something...whatever.

 Thanks to all the places that have let me drop off issues; if anybody is interested in picking up physical copies they're at Lift, Empire, Velocity Comics, Crossroads, Rumors, Strange Matter, and Globehoppers. 

And check out towards the bottom of the blog, Blogger's got some bells and whistles regarding Facebook and Twitter (AND LEST WE FORGET THE GOOGLE PLUS) so if you like this or anything else on the blog, spread the word? (And also I'm just curious to see if that function actually will work)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dirty Dino Rock 2

"Well, it's October...and we all know what that means..."-Hank Kingsley.

What it means is a new Dirty Dino Rock! Yay! While visiting friends in New York, I dropped off as many copies of both old and new Dino as I could, so hopefully people are reading them on the subway right nowwww! Thank you David and all your friends who suggested places to go (OHTHEPLACESYOU'LLGO), and bleebleeblah, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (and once again in the same sequence that they appear in the printed version):

Monday, October 10, 2011


Corey and the guys in Bitch City are throwing an Epic Halloween Party and from the sound of it, it's going to be the most Epic Halloween Party since the opening five minutes of Nightmare before Christmas, which technically was more of a CITY:1, TIM BURTON: 0.

There's two versions of flyers for the party, one by me and one by Dustin Davis so check your FACE for either one COMING SOON TO A PHONE POLE NEAR YOU.

Also, apologies to my father who recently asked when I was going to make something appropriate to show the aunts and uncles when they ask him what I'm doing. This is certainly not that.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm still coming off my Post Ryan-Gosling-Stomps-Things-To-Death-And-Drives high from watching Drive so I'll keep this brief. I just finished drawing-printing-stapling a mini comic that's available at Velocity (and maybe a few other places yet to be decided) and is totally free (as opposed to partially) Rawn Gandy over at Velocity was super nice and helpful and gave me a copy of both his and his wife's comics and didn't laugh me out of the store all of which was appreciated. And because the comic is totally free I'm posting it below in it's entirety because why not. (note: the comics are posted in the order that they appear in the mini comic)

And if you're by Velocity be sure to check out Rawn and Meg Gandy's comics! 
image courtesy of

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy a Scorpion jacket and FLIP A CAR.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Been busy this week, between move out, work, and, of course, mentally preparing for Fourth of July. In between all of that, I did a few posters for upcoming shows. This first one was done for the guys in Galaxy Dynamite, a dance/jam band out of Norfolk. 
These two posters were done this past weekend and it was a definite Beat the Clock situation as I had to account for both work and the fact that I'd be heading out of town for the Most Important Day in Our Nation, God Bless America. It was definitely the highlight of my week (which wasn't hard as the other part of my week was moving boxes from one end of the room to the other) and I had a lot of fun working on both of these. I was lucky enough that both Josh and Dusty gave me basic parameters for both (gorilla with kittens and puppies, the word "Brutal") and let me go from there. Also I discovered a new love for the New Yorker fiction podcast. Nothing makes rendering a dog's intestines go by quicker than listening to John Cheever.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is a recent ditty done for my friend Corey to promote the show that he and CMC are putting on this coming Friday. They're in the midst of getting non-profit status and have lots of big things planned for Richmond which is exciting; also exciting: whatever the guy who is currently in my alley yelling "WHOO" is getting into tonight.

The show's this Friday at Cellar Door, over on Monument for a mere $5 donation towards helping CMC get non-profit status. If you're into thrash and getting punched in places on your body you should go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sketch Boo' plus Special Guest

I bought one of those mammoth Moleskines a couple weeks ago. They're better suited for drawing mugshots while waiting for things to render than classy cafe sketching while sipping espresso in France so that's exactly what I've been doing with it.