Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dirty Dino Rock 2

"Well, it's October...and we all know what that means..."-Hank Kingsley.

What it means is a new Dirty Dino Rock! Yay! While visiting friends in New York, I dropped off as many copies of both old and new Dino as I could, so hopefully people are reading them on the subway right nowwww! Thank you David and all your friends who suggested places to go (OHTHEPLACESYOU'LLGO), and bleebleeblah, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (and once again in the same sequence that they appear in the printed version):

Monday, October 10, 2011


Corey and the guys in Bitch City are throwing an Epic Halloween Party and from the sound of it, it's going to be the most Epic Halloween Party since the opening five minutes of Nightmare before Christmas, which technically was more of a CITY:1, TIM BURTON: 0.

There's two versions of flyers for the party, one by me and one by Dustin Davis so check your FACE for either one COMING SOON TO A PHONE POLE NEAR YOU.

Also, apologies to my father who recently asked when I was going to make something appropriate to show the aunts and uncles when they ask him what I'm doing. This is certainly not that.