Sunday, May 13, 2012


Officially back and unjetlagged (at some point I need to make a post about the trip because I discovered A LEGITIMATE SECRET OF THE VATICAN THAT THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW) the ladies Grace, Leigh and myself are jumping into full even planning mode for the FESTIVAL OF RIGHTS to be held May 26th at Gallery 5. Along with Worthless Junk Records, we've put together a line up of awesome bands and are collecting art donations for a charity sale all to benefit Planned Parenthood. Also: we may have a face painter! Greatest fundraiser ever? Yes. Greatest fundraiser ever.

Monday we got got our lineup 100% so on a pretty quick turnaround I made this riff on old Barnum and Bailey posters and have been distributing them around town ever since.(if you see a perpetually disheveled redhead wandering around town with a purse full of posters, THAT'S ME) Thanks to all the stores that let us put up flyers, hope to see everyone at Gallery 5!

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